Caryn Drexl born 1980, is a self-taught conceptual and portrait photographer based in north/central Florida, USA. She has a unique approach to taking female portraits. Her style is like the photographic version of Edgar Allan Poe, with its imaginative details and vague sense of discomfort. She openly admits that “Everything I know I learned through trial and error or the internet.” Although she loves the look of film, and does own some vintage cameras, for practicality she prefers working with digital images. And no big cameras either, “I have girly little hands and a dislike for big heavy cameras that’ll break my wrist or my neck, so the littler ones suit me well.”

You can find more of Caryn’s mysteries in her Etsy shop, CarynDrexl.

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Puppy’s First Hike


Puppy’s First Hike

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Things I’ve Learned At College


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19-year-old photographer Nicolas Bruno reenacts sleep paralysis-induced nightmares in his stunning, surreal photographs of a dark dreamworld.

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Stop and wait a sec
Oh when you look at me like that my darling, what did you expect?
I’d probably still adore you with your hands around my neck
Or I did last time I checked

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Mille, the Norwegian Forest Cat | Jane Bjerkli

I bow to thee, Majestic Creature.

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Annie Clark, St. Vincent

Photographed by Sabrina Theissen

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Andy Warhol Polaroids

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